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DIY Spring Maintenance Checklist for Tenants

property management spring maintenance tips for tenants
Tips for tenants to prepare their rental property for the Spring.

It’s time to undertake some essential maintenance tasks as Winter transitions to Spring. This blog post provides a DIY spring maintenance checklist to help tenants prepare their property for the warmer months ahead.

Inspecting and Cleaning Windows:

If you removed your window screens for the winter months, which is good practice to increase air flow and reduce condensation build-up –it also lets more natural light through during the gloomy winter months, now is the time to put them back, but not after you give the window sills a good wipe down. Leaving dirt and mildew can progress to mould and prematurely deteriorate the integrity and insulating factors of the windows, increasing your heating and cooling costs.

Landscaping and Outdoor Spaces:

With the Spring season comes water, and lots of it! Avoid accidental damage to the lawn and gardens by staying off of them when they’re excessively wet; the compacted soil will hinder grass growth as the warmer weather arrives.

This is also a good time to check the grading around the property to ensure water is flowing away from the house. As water freezes and ice melts throughout the winter months, the elevation around your property will fluctuate.

HVAC System Check:

With the arrival of milder temperatures, tenants can take the opportunity to inspect and clean HVAC equipment. simply taking a hose to the exterior of your air conditioner can help remove the buildup of debris that hinders the radiator’s ability to cool. You’ll also want to remember to remove the cover before turning it on to avoid burning out the motor.

Turning on Outdoor Hosebibs

While you may be tempted to turn on your outdoor hosebib to wash your car or assist in some other Spring Cleaning task, be mindful that this time of year brings unpredictable weather, and overnight freezing temperatures are common. If you use the hose, be sure to turn it off inside when you’re finished until the weather stabilizes. The last thing you want is frozen pipes and flooded basements.

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