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Creating a Welcoming Rental Property: Tips for Landlords

create a desirable rental property
Tips for Landlords to make a desirable rental property

The atmosphere of a rental property greatly influences tenant satisfaction, and the nicest properties do attract the nicest tenants. In this blog post, we’ll explore actionable tips for landlords to create a welcoming and comfortable environment, fostering positive tenant experiences.

Curb Appeal Tips for Landlords

We don’t suggest investing a lot of money into lavish gardens and landscaping, although hardscaping adds value and is lower maintenance, and lower maintenance with rental properties is a good thing. For example, if you can widen the driveway and add a basic perenial garden, it will garner higher rent and require less work for the tenant to maintain –win, win!

Aside from things like that, we suggest you look at all entryways to ensure that locks and latches are easily functioning. Loose door handles, finicky locks and clunky garage doors are problems you’ll receive phone calls about and cause undue frustrations for you and the tenant; tackle these repairs immediately.

Window Coverings

It’s common for landlords to provide window coverings, but we suggest keeping it simple. Don’t buy fancy drapes and hardware; stick to basic, retractable and tilting blinds. California shutters are a horrible idea; not only do they become dust magnets, but they also restrict airflow, which contributes to ward mould and mildew growth on window sills, but they’re prone to breaking.

It’s also important to include clauses in your lease agreement, which you review with the tenants, to ensure they don’t install their own hardware without your permission.

Deep Clean and Paint Touch-Ups

Nobody wants to live in a dirty house, and dirty houses will attract dirty people. Be respectful of your future tenants by ensuring the house has been thoroughly cleaned and touch up paint where needed.

A welcoming rental property sets the stage for positive tenant experiences. Stay tuned for more insights on creating a thriving and harmonious living environment.

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